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Hollywood Technology for Police Training? Real-life Trainees Use Virtual Simulations

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FBI Hostage Rescue training from helicopter.

FBI Hostage Rescue training from helicopter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a 29 May 2012 article in Homeland Security Newswire, some of the technology which makes the movie worlds of “Lord of the Rings” and “The Avengers” so realistic is now available to help law enforcement officers train for hazardous situations.  Raytheon’s motion-capture method allows trainees to interact with live people or with avatars, all in a 360-degree virtual environment.

Homeland Security Newswire explains how the technology works:

The system works with reflective markers placed on users’ bodies that track their movements along a basketball court-sized “field.” Wearing lightweight goggles, participants are completely immersed in a highly realistic virtual scenario, such as a hostage rescue or a variety of other incidents.

The goal is to re-create on-the-job, realistic challenges so that officers can be better prepared and equipped to deal with them.

It’s easy to imagine how this kind of training environment could let homeland security officers practice essential skills for high-stakes incidents.  Terrorist hostage-taking, bombs and booby traps, and WMD incidents are hard to prepare for, because realistic training situations are traditionally difficult to create or even dangerous.   With Raytheon’s VIRTSIM training system, officers may be able to try out their skills in a realistic, yet safe, virtual environment.

What do you think of game-type simulations as a way to practice HS skills?  What are some potential downsides of these training methods?

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June 6, 2012 at 17:17